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Happy Cyborg uploads your personality to the cloud as a cyborg on Twitter.

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(Currently in beta: Please email bug reports to jonathanwilliammugan@gmail.com)

Happy Cyborg is a Twitter personal assistant. Once your personality is uploaded, the cyborg acts as you would.
The cyborg starts conversations, follows people based on your interests, and filters tweets to find the ones that you will enjoy reading.

Cyborg Description

When I started using Twitter, I noticed that I would find myself repeatedly typing in the same responses. For example, whenever someone would mention Cormac McCarthy, I would reply that The Road was one of my favorite books. I also noticed that I had trouble finding people to follow who shared my interests. Twitter makes a lot of suggestions, but those suggestions aren't very accurate. And when I finally did find some people to follow, I was inundated by tweets. Even among people whose content I really liked, only a small fraction of it was of interest to me. I started working on Happy Cyborg to address these issues.

Happy Cyborg is not a chat bot. It only responds to a tweet when it is certain that it can say something intelligent. You feed the cyborg text patterns and your associated responses. These responses are the repetitive things that you say over and over again. The cyborg searches for the text patterns and uses your responses to begin conversations that you then manually take over. On the right, we see an example of the cyborg @kuwuakeda responding to one of my tweets.

To find people who share your interests, you feed the cyborg a set of phrases and numerical scores to indicate your preferences. The cyborg searches Twitter for people who use the phrases you scored positively and who avoid the phrases you scored negatively. It first searches for tweets that match your interests. When it finds such a tweet, the cyborg reads the profile description of the person, and if both the tweet and the description match your interests, it automatically follows that person.

The cyborg finds tweets that you will enjoy by analyzing your tweets to learn your interests. The cyborg then analyzes the tweets from everyone you follow, and it favorites any tweet that it believes you will like. You can then look at only the tweets that have been favorited. The cyborg also performs other tasks on Twitter such as unfollowing people who don't follow you back after five days, unless you specify that you enjoy the person's tweets. It also adds anyone who interacts with you to a public list.

Cyborg Responding to a Tweet

We are a company, what can the cyborg do for us?

More practically, you can think of the cyborg as a Twitter personal assistant that helps you build your brand and interact with customers and potential customers.

How do I use it? Watch the tutorial

   Cyborg FAQ

  1. Can I create my own cyborg with my personality?   Yes! Just hit the blue "Get Started" button above.

  2. Why is it a cyborg and not a bot?  Two reasons. First, it doesn't think on its own. It only does what you would do. Second, it doesn't work on its own. You and the cyborg work together.

  3. Does it do automated DMs?   No. I hate those things.

  4. Does the cyborg annoy people?   No. It's not a bot; it works with you instead of replacing you as a Twitter user. It only responds to people who follow it, and it only does so when it is sure it can say what you would say. It begins conversations that you can take up and continue.

  5. I'm still scared to let the cyborg access my account, can I test it somehow?  Yes. Just set up another Twitter account and use that account with the cyborg until you feel comfortable. You can also pick and choose which kinds of actions you want to cyborg to take on Twitter. For example, you can just have it follow people and not unfollow unfollowers, or vice versa.

  6. Who created Happy Cyborg?   My name is Jonathan Mugan. I'm a computer science researcher in machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can learn more about me on my homepage.

  7. What is your original twitter handle?   @jmugan. If you follow me there, let me know that you came from here so I can make sure to follow you back.

  8. Have you thought about the implications of a bunch of cyborgs running around?   I'm still thinking about the implications. You can read some of my thoughts in this post.

  9. I'm a parent, and I want to raise my child to be a curious, life-long learner based on principles derived from developmental robotics. Do you have a book that you can recommend?  You're in luck. I wrote The Curiosity Cycle: Preparing Your Child for the Ongoing Technological Explosion.

  10. What language is Happy Cyborg written in?   Python.